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Affiliate Opportunity

Welcome to the Wellness Quest, LLC, Affiliate Program

Be a part of a leading worldwide effort to enhance Global Wellness initiatives by joining the Wellness
Quest, LLC Affiliate Program.
The program is free to join and easy to sign up. The program offers website owners the opportunity to have an additional way to profit from their websites while undertaking to improve health and wellness on a global scale. Affiliates who generate traffic and sales for will receive a commission for sales made in accordance with the Wellness Quest, LLC Referral Fee Schedule.

How It Works
When you join, you will be supplied with banners and links that you place on your site. When a customer clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our Affiliate software. Affiliates will then earn referral fees when sales are generated in accordance with the Affiliate Agreement terms and conditions.

Real time Statistics and Reporting
You will be able to login 24 hours a day to view your sales, referral fees earned, and traffic statistics.

Referral Fees Pay per sale according to Referral Fee Schedule
Minimum Payout Requirements $ 50.00 minimum balance due required for payment
Payout Frequency Once per month, for the previous month’s sales
Minimum Volume In order to retain active Affiliate status, a minimum of $1250.00 (appx. 10-13 tubs) in sales must be generated through Affiliate’s website each month. 
This minimum is waived during the first 120-day 'Business Builder' period, during which referral fees will be paid on all completed sales.
Referral Fee Schedule
New Eden revenues generated per month   Referral Fee Paid
from $0 to $1,249.00
(Business Builder
period only)
from $1,250 to $6,250   10%
the next $6,251 to $12,500   12%
all over $12,501 +   14%
Referral fees are based on incremental revenue, not total monthly revenues.

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